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Sonya Hussyn Lashes Out At Mubashir Lucman

sonya hussyn mubashir lucman

Mubasher Lucman, a famous Pakistani news anchor at a private channel, never shies away to speak his mind out and stirring up social media debates.

The anchor always faces backlash for his controversial statements about famous personalities in Pakistan.

Recently, Mubashir Lucman came under fire after his exclusive interview with Ali Zafar and his wife where they talked about harassment allegations against the singer.

Have a look at the interview below!

As soon as the interview was released, the anchor faced major backlash on Twitter where people condemned his show and said that he had lost credibility.

Have look at what people have to say:

This is equally hilarious, cringe worthy and infuriating.

If still you have any doubt if Ali Zafar is a harrasser, then this should remove all of it.

In this interview, he invokes numerous times the refuge of the liar and hypocrite: religious piety.

— Haris (@bandaydaputtar) April 30, 2019

And Mubashir Lucman has NO credibility. This interview was so biased and full of shit. Can’t believe he demanded a #mentoo hashtag as if #metoo was exclusively for women. There were SO many things wrong with this interview; it’s disturbing.

— Azra Siddique (@AzraSiddique) May 1, 2019

just watched Ali Zafar’s interview with Mubashir Lucman and i am E N R A G E D

— ◟̽◞̽ (@duaa_korai) April 29, 2019

Mubashir lucman has lost his credibility, he is an actor not journo

— black beauty (@blackbeauty88a) April 30, 2019

And this anchor Mubashir Lucman.. Hypocrites ka toola

— Saad Kaiser Khan (@SaadKaiser) May 1, 2019

However, a famous Pakistani actress Sonya Hussyn also lashed out at the anchor and called him the worst example of Journalism.

The starlet took to her Instagram story and wrote:

Mubashir Luqman is the worst example of Journalism.

sonya hussyn mubashir lucman

Earlier this year, the anchor landed in hot water when he evaluated mainstream actors and revealed the list of flop actors of 2018 and ranked Feroze Khan first.

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