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Hasan Ali Confirms Rumours of Marriage With Indian Girl

Pakistani’s are rejoicing all over the world after rumors of Hassan Ali’s marriage with an Indian girl started on the internet.

The news was reported by several Pakistani news channels. According to reports, Hasan Ali is set to marry Shamia Arzoo and the Nikkah ceremony is supposed to take place on the 20th of August.

Shamia Arzoo reportedly works for a private airline and hails from Haryana, India but lives in Dubai. She has studied engineering from England. She has some family back in New Delhi.

According to reports, Hasan Ali met Shamia in Dubai through a close friend. But soon after the rumor broke on the internet, Hasan Ali announced on Twitter that the wedding isn’t confirmed yet. He said that the two families will meet next week and then decide upon it.

Hasan Ali Confirms Rumours of Marriage With Indian Girl

But at least his Tweet has confirmed that he is indeed getting married. He did not counter any of the rumors suggesting that it is also indeed with an Indian girl.

This will be the second time a Pakistani cricketer is marrying an Indian girl. Previously, Shoaib Malik married Sania Mirza which was also met with same rejoice from Pakistan.

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