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Dance Number ‘Balma Bhagora’ by Maya & Sheheryar’s invites Criticism

Dance Number ‘Balma Bhagora’ by Maya & Sheheryar’s invites Criticism

Earlier this week, the makers of the upcoming film Parey Hut Love released an upbeat song titled Balma Bhagora and it created a wave around the country.

The music video features the main leads of the upcoming film including Maya Ali, Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui, Zara Noor Abbas Siddiqui, and Ahmed Ali Butt. They all can be seen in different avatars and people just cannot stop talking about it.

We must say, it came as a complete surprise for the audiences.

Listen to the song below!

While some really enjoyed the song, a few criticized the makers and called it a ‘low-quality video’.

Recently, the veteran actor Shamoon Abbasi also decided to talk about the music video and said that song was a copy of Bollywood songs.

He took to his Facebook account and wrote:

How amazing, Go to India shoot some Dancing extras. Come back to pakistan call your heroine make her dance infront of a green screen and merge both the dances on post and voila. Your song is ready.

He also added:

And The nation is ready to see another charba in the name of creativity. Woh hamare fauji Marte jaen. Aur hum unki copy marte jaen. Kia baat hey.

Here’s his post!

shamoon abbasi

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