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You Will Love Hira Mani’s Sons In Joker Avatar

You Will Love Hira Mani's Sons In Joker Avatar

Hira Mani has a beautiful family with Salman Saqib Shaikh. She has two sons named Muzammil and Ibrahim.


As soon as the movie Joker was released Hira Mani took her son to the cinema to watch this great movie. She opened up about the impact of the movie Joker on her son.

Hira Mani’s son Muzammil shared, “He wanted to see the movie ‘Joker’ as he always has been taught that these fictional characters never play a negative role. He thinks that Joker was a nice person but selfish people and society changed him into a violent person.”

The main cause, Muzammil gave about the Joker turning into a negative person is bullying as he stated that he himself is bullied at school so he can totally feel his pain. He also shared that this bullying may bring some mental issues to him. He has appreciated the character of Joker, yet he wants everyone to change their behavior with each other.

Hira Mani posted the latest pictures of her sons in Joker’s avatar. Her boys look absolutely cute. The boys wore red suits and did same makeover like Joker.

Here are pictures of Muzammil and Ibrahim in Joker’s avatar:


She also posted videos of her sons going crazy over the movie Joker!

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