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People Criticising Ali Xeeshan Honeymoon Pictures

People Criticising Ali Xeeshan Honeymoon Pictures

The wedding season is in full swing. One after another, celebrities are getting married. Famous designer Ali Xeeshan also got hitched with the love of his life Myra Khan in November.

The couple is on their honeymoon in London. Ali Xeeshan and Myra Khan shared pictures from their honeymoon which are making rounds on social media.

Their honeymoon pictures are adorable but as we all know social media is filled with hatred. Ali Xeeshan’s honeymoon pictures are receiving hate online.

Myra Khan shared a picture in which both of them are wearing a robe. It seems like the couple is in a carefree mood, enjoying the beautiful view. The people wrote comments which were full of hate under their picture.

Let’s have a look at some of the comments:


The couple looks quite happy in their rhoneymoon pictures. Ali Xeeshan and Myra Khan also shared more pictures from their honeymoon.

The one where the couple was spotted in black and white!

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