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Sadaf Kanwal Denies All Rumors About Her Relation With Shahroz

Sadaf Kanwal Denies All Rumors About Her Relation With Shahroz

The separation of Syra and Shahroz has taken the social media by the storm. Shahroz has cleared the air that they got separated because of personal differences.


People are believing that supermodel Sadaf Kanwal is the reason behind their split. Sadaf Kanwal has spoken up against the allegations put upon her.

Sadaf shared, “We’re JUST friends. We met a month ago!”

She further talked about how they both met at an award show which was held in Oslo, Norway where they performed together.

Sadaf Kanwal has come clear about her relation with Shahroz but Twitterati’s are not having it. Some of them still blame Sadaf for all the mess while others believe Shahroz is the one to blame all this.

Let’s check out some of the hate tweets:

Shahroz was cheating on Syra? It’s a proof that no matter how beautiful you are, if a man is shit he is going to cheat on you. To all the women out there who were cheated on, it’s not you who is not enough. It’s his shit nature.

— Laraib Mehtab (@laraibmufc) December 29, 2019

I usually stay away from celeb gossip but this needs to be said: Stop this “omg someone as beautiful as Syra was cheated on” narrative.

Cheating has nothing to do with the one being cheated on, and everything to do with the cheater.

Syra wasn’t cheated on, Shahroze fkn cheated.

— H™ (@MahatmaaGanji) December 29, 2019

Shahroz cheating on syra and all I wanna say is Khalil ul rehman can fuck off with his stories. Men don’t deserve women

— Ushna (@Oshnaaa) December 29, 2019

read somewhere that syra and shahroz were together since high school. that’s why im shit scared of shaadi my dudes. nothing can keep these ungrateful pieces of shit loyal. aap ghar baith k inn k bachay paida karo and they are going to find someone else attractive soon. heh

— nums (@Samessii) December 29, 2019

Just like Mohsin Abbas and Nazish Jahangir’s case people are bashing the GUY only. Sadaf Kanwal is a bitch who is equally responsible for Syra and Shahroz’s separation. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

— Faiqa. (@TheDumbMedico) December 29, 2019

Syra and shahroz are getting divorced?


— anastipu (@teepusahab) December 29, 2019

Pakistani boys’ Twitter is more ranting over ‘how Shahroz can cheat on Syra’ than ‘how a husband can cheat on his wife’.

Girls’ Twitter is on extreme level of self-pity and dozen of tweets about ‘if Syra can be cheated on, any girl can be, etc’. Come on everyone!

— Sameena E. (@SameenaERana) December 29, 2019

Shehroz cheated on Syra? He must’ve been going through alot in the marriage and needed some physical warmth and support. Syra has to understand that.

– Meph @ Unitedsfreak

— Mehdi. (@SzpilmanStinson) December 29, 2019

Syra & Shahroz getting separated its their personal matter they lived more than 7 years together but if they want to live separate let them live their life ALLAH knows secret problems which they faced may be they can’t live together after those problems don’t judge shehroz (2)

— WaQar Ameer Sathio (@Bolo_WaQar) December 29, 2019

Pakis after knowing Shehroz Sabzwari cheated on Syra for Sadaf Kanwal

— Omar Bajwa (@OzBajwa) December 29, 2019


2 takky ka shehroz 
Syra and Shahroz end up their 7 year marriage due to alleged love affair of Shahroz with famous model Sadaf Kanwal.#shehrozsabzwari

— Amna javed (@AmnaIsHereToo) December 29, 2019

Stop taking the first opportunity to shit on a female. She wasn’t married to Syra for 7 years. And it’s just a rumour for now

— WannabeJannati (@Islamabaddiee) December 29, 2019

Before calling out sadaf for being a home wrecker just know that syra and sheroze got separated five months ago and sadaf started dating him recently. Stop w your BS when you don’t know the faxxx

— . (@Sleepundrthesun) December 29, 2019

Do let us know what do you think about this whole situation!

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