Ayeza Khan Views on Her Role As Mehwish In Mere Paas Tum Ho

Ayeza Khan is currently one of the most successful actresses of Pakistan. She got much fame and love due to her performance in super-hit drama serial Mere Paas Tum Ho.


Ayeza Khan dares to take a negative look and performed it very well. Recently she was spotted at Alkaram store as the label’s brand ambassador. The crowd went all crazy when they saw her.

She talked about her negative role and said, “No no it’s not scary at all, obviously this is my job. I have chosen this for myself and I am having fun while interacting with people and listening to them. There is so much love I receive from people which is amazing.”

She also talked about how she has received no negative response to her role as Mehwish. “I think people love Mehwish from the start. I have not met anyone who has said anything bad, they always say you have done an amazing job.”


She talked about the ending and said, “If I think about the ending as Mehwish then ending was not good but if I think like Ayeza then yes disloyal people deserve this.”

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