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Pakistani Actors Recreate Dolly Parton Challenge


Having all the fun with the vastly different pictures one might present on dating app vs. the proper business model for LinkedIn, the new hotness is the viral Dolly Parton meme that has become known as the Dolly Parton challenge.

The good news? There is no musical talent required.

It all began when the music icon shared this post that turned into abuzz and later a meme.

“Get you a woman who can do it all,” she captioned the post.

The post was a collage of sorts divided into a four-square grid showing who she would choose to share with the world on LinkedIn (sharp suiting prospective employers!) Facebook (a Christmas sweater for the relatives!) Instagram (a strong sense of personal style for all the internet pals!) and finally Tinder (a costume for potential flames!)

After the post was shared, several celebs jumped on the Dolly Parton Challenge bandwagon and shared their take on it.

Here a few that we absolutely admired:

1. Ahmed Ali Butt

The comedy man Butt outdid himself again with this challenge where he looked top-notch in each image.

2. Mathira

The former VJ shared her take on the challenge as well.

3. Hira Mani

The Ghalati starlet looks Uber stylish in each image that she shared!

4. Ayesha Omer

The Khoobsurat (pun intended) put up the same face and looks like she’s learned the ropes to look flawless in every picture.

5. Azfar Rehman

Another celeb who partook in the challenge was Azfu and he managed to rock it.

6. Anoushey Ashraf

Well, can’t say she didn’t get creative.

7. Fouzia Aman

Were totally digging her Linkedin profile picture. Spot on!

8. Ali Gulpir

Definitely swiping right on that Tinder profile.

9. Nadia Khan

That Instagram picture takes the cake!

10. Ali Kazmi

Totes in love with the Instagram profile picture!

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