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Big News Leak | Imran Khan Is CoronaVirus Positive Claims British News

Big News Leak | Imran Khan Is CoronaVirus Positive Claims British News
Is Imran Khan Coronavirus positive? A UK news channel, Arise News claims that the prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, had a coronavirus test and the result came positive.

Imran Khan

A click went viral over social media which shows Arise News headline that states “Imran Khan tests positive for coronavirus.” Now, this is something big to hear.

Imran Khan 0 1

People are panicking and questioning is this even true and why the government is hiding this news. Pakistan’s media is quiet on the matter. Imran Khan has been addressing his people to stay calm in this crucial time. Recently, he video-called the press to convey his message about coronavirus and the precautionary measures that can help to control the situation.

Imran Khan 1 1

Let’s wait to know whether the news is authentic or not.


Below Is the Latest Update of this News

UK PM Boris Johnson was tested positive for Coronavirus few moments before this headline was Aired and News channel had intended to break the news of Boris Johnson’s Coronavirus tests. But by mistake they have shown the name of prime minister Imran Khan of Pakistan.#ImranKhan

— Umer Farooq (@MUmerFar00q) March 27, 2020

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