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Social Media Filled With Hilarious Memes On Maria B And Her Husband

Social Media Filled With Hilarious Memes On Maria B And Her Husband

The latest controversy of Maria B and her husband’s negligence of endangering lives of people by sending their servant back to his village who was tested positive for COVID-19. In this case, police arrested Maria B’s husband but he was released later due to his privilege.


Maria B and her husband’s latest video of clarifying about her husband’s arrest has gone viral on the internet. Not only it has been criticized but also it has become the latest material for memes.

Internet is buzzing with Maria B’s memes and Twitteratis showed their talent and made the most hilarious memes out of it.


Let’s have a look at some of the best memes:

Pakistani society: let’s unite to defeat this deadly pandemic

Pakistani elites

— Ahmer Naqvi (@karachikhatmal) March 25, 2020

replug: fResh, ELITE meme for y’all
— Qasim Farooq (@MangoLassC) March 25, 2020


— Ali (@themaholupper) March 25, 2020

— shawarma lahme (@RizwanPehelwan) March 25, 2020

Mujhe apni pasand ki shadi kerni hai

— Shumail (@Shumyl) March 25, 2020

All the active bacteria and virus in my food when I say bismillah before taking a bite
— Ahmer Naqvi (@karachikhatmal) March 25, 2020

My wife watching me turn on the PS4 more than I have her during the quarantine.

— ⎊ Childish Ghambino 🍉 (@Sarkhail7Khan) March 25, 2020

When you get your little brother a blow horn and he won’t stop blowing it.
— Neh (@inadlae) March 25, 2020

Me asking him to he who is not
Become financially even mentally
Stable stable

— Ayeshay (@champagne_lassi) March 25, 2020

When people with low iron stand up too fast.
— Sir Saith Abdullah (@SaithAbdullah99) March 25, 2020

My lungs when they said smokers are vulnerable to coronavirus

— Maryam (@maryamful) March 25, 2020

parents of a brown child that just heard their kid say, “Ji social sciences parrhna chaahta hoon!”
— Bae Faiz (@antifatwa) March 25, 2020

when ur mom starts bargaining with the cashier even tho they’ve got fixed prices

— shy fawkes ♡ (@aloovibes) March 25, 2020

Your friend after You trying to
getting caught fool the
trying to show invigilator
you their answers
— Adnan (@MrBubbyy) March 25, 2020

Me and mom at parent teacher meeting

— Moochar (@AsliBinLaden) March 25, 2020

Which meme did you like the most? Share with us in the comments section.

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