5 ‘Quarantine’ Trending Challenges on Social Media

5 'Quarantine' Trending Challenges on Social Media
Image Source: Instagram
In the midst of global efforts to stay home and socially distance during the coronavirus pandemic, a number of challenges have gone viral and we’re loving all of them! You might know or have tried a few of these but it’s amazing to see all the creativity come out! And moreover, it’s amazing to see how people are enjoying staying at home.

So, we thought of rounding up all the craziness for you so you could try these too! The following trends and challenges are going viral on social media and they look extremely fun!

Although there are many challenges that are going viral, here are our most favorite ones!

1. Foot Shake Challenge or the Oh Na Na Na Challenge

2. The Push-Up Challenge

3. The Split Screen Magic!

4. Swapping Clothes

5. Shaving Beard Trend

6. Savage Challenge

7. Couple’s Challenge

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