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Can you believe I got behosh at my Rukhsati | Dua Malik

Dua Malik Fainted During Her Rukhsati

You might have heard and seen girls crying on their Rukhsati and few got Fainted. But now things are different. We have seen brides dancing and singing on their own weddings and smiling on their Rukhsati.


We do not expect nowadays any faint scene from Wedding Specifically from celebrities. But Dua Malik made us surprised by sharing her Behosh wali picture. Dua Malik married to Sohail Haider in 2014 and now she is the mother of a son and a daughter.

Dua Malik Sohail Haider Wedding barat pictures 2

Dua Malik shares her Rukhsati picture on her Instagram story and asked all the girls to share their Rukhsati moments as well. Dua Malik gave caption to her post as

“Can you believe I got behosh at my Rukhsati”

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