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Hasnain Lehri And Sabeeka Imam Revealing reasons for their Break up

Hasnain Lehri And Sabeeka Imam Have Parted Ways 2

Pakistan like the rest of the world is facing coronavirus pandemic and Public is restricted at homes. Few are using free time to some creative stuff and few are examining their past relationships. Hasnain Lehri and Sabeeka Imam are the best models of Pakistan Fashion Industry and both are facing similar issues.

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Sometimes back, both were in relationship and dating each other.


Well, their good time did not work out and they broke up in December 2019.

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Sabeeka informed her fans about her break up with Hasnain Lehri and shared om Instagram to announce this news.

It was considered that now things will be normal as ot was one of the many routine broke up. But Quarantine time gave ample time to both to think about it and they started writing about their love life. Hasnain Lehri expressing his thoughts on his love life that wasn’t successful.

Here we have some tweets of Hasnain Lehri:

Hasnain is having some hurdles in his cuddles

Ya Allah cuddles main jo hurdles hain unhain jald duur farma 爐✨

— Hasnain Lehri (@hasnainlehri) April 19, 2020

You Cant Change Someone By Loving Them Harder

— Hasnain Lehri (@hasnainlehri) April 22, 2020

A strong message by Hasnain Lehri

— Hasnain Lehri (@hasnainlehri) April 23, 2020

Well we all agree on this point

I reward loyalty

with loyalty.

I reward disloyalty

with distance

— Hasnain Lehri (@hasnainlehri) April 24, 2020

The person I needed the most taught me I don’t need nobody..

— Hasnain Lehri (@hasnainlehri) April 25, 2020

Hasnain Lehri also asked a real question here..

Tum karo toh tumhara haq,

hum kare to wtf!!

— Hasnain Lehri (@hasnainlehri) April 26, 2020

It was a lie, such a turmoil

Shahruk khan lied to us, Ek tarfa

pyaar is not beautiful it’s self torture

— Hasnain Lehri (@hasnainlehri) April 26, 2020

One the other hand Sabeeka Imam is also not coming slow. She has also made twitter a weapon to fights against Hasnain Lehri. Sabeeka’s tweets are giving us a hint that it was a toxic relationship that ended for good.

Maine ghusse mein phone tera kaata…

Toh aashiq surrender hua 殺

— Sabeeka Imam (@SabeekaImam) April 21, 2020

During this lockdown I’ve finally understood how being alone doesn’t make you feel lonely… being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world! #SolitudeIsBeautiful #ChooseYourFriendsWisely #Detox

— Sabeeka Imam (@SabeekaImam) April 21, 2020

Sabeeka Imam is surely showing some strength here.

Stop checking your phone… I’m not going to message you lol

— Sabeeka Imam (@SabeekaImam) April 21, 2020

Here Sabeeka has a message for all her exes

Who else has been contacted by ALL their long lost exes during this lockdown? I have to say… mine have been so sweet, kind and helpful. Glad to have known you all! Thank you for coming into my life, exiting and then being mature enough to move on. God bless you all 

— Sabeeka Imam (@SabeekaImam) April 22, 2020

We think its a direct attack!!

Kuch logon ko kabhi chain nahi aata! Har waqt drama karna hai. Har waqt victim banna hai. Bas duniya ke saamne acha dikhne ke liye. Please bhai.. bas kar dein, ek din to duniya ki bhi aankhein khul jayeingi! 

— Sabeeka Imam (@SabeekaImam) April 27, 2020

Here are also some serious messages that Sabeeka delivered successfully

— Sabeeka Imam (@SabeekaImam) April 27, 2020

— Sabeeka Imam (@SabeekaImam) April 27, 2020

What are your stance about this whole affair? Whose side you are on? We have also heard some rumors that Sabeeka is now seeing Bilal Saeed, is Hasnain is giving a reaction?

Hasnain Lehri And Sabeeka Imam Have Parted Ways 2

Share your thoughts in comments section!

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