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Koe Sharam hoty h, Koe Haya hoty h | public mad at Fahad Mustafa For Wearing Revelaing Shirt

People Bashing Fahad Mustafa For Wearing Revelaing Outfit

We always read, heard and even said that how a women should get dressed. You will find public figures from every corner of life explaining how and which type of dresses a lady should wear. But, thanks to Fahad Mustafa, same sermons are also applicable for men as well.

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Wether men or women wear revealing clothes they doesn’t look descent. Dignified way is that they should cover their all body parts properly.

Fahad Mustafa Facebook Profile

Recently, Fahad Mustafa Picture from his famous show Jeeto Pakistan went viral in which he is wearing a low neck T-Shirt. The way he is wearing that shirt is disgusting. Have a look.

IMG 20200425 222524

Soon after pic was shared on Twitter, public started criticism on Fahad Mustafa. Here are few tweets to look at.

IMG 20200425 220306

IMG 20200425 220049

IMG 20200425 220106

IMG 20200425 220120

IMG 20200425 220137

IMG 20200425 220146

IMG 20200425 220238

IMG 20200425 220247

IMG 20200425 220449

IMG 20200425 220509

What are your thoughts on this look of Fahad Mustafa? Share your views with us through comments section!

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