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#MeAt20 Challenge | Famous Celebrities Pictures at Age of 20

Celebs Are Taking An Active Part In #MeAt20 Challenge

As celebrities along with other public is stuck inside home. They are trending one challenge after another. Recently #DontRush challenge all over internet and now we have very interesting challenge, the #MeAt20. Pakistani stars are more active in this challenge and posting their pictures at age of 20.

We are sharing celebrities pictures at age of 20 which they shared. You might noticed that no female celebrity has posted her picture at age of 20 (you might guess the reason :P)

Challenge accepted @Salman_ARY! #MeAt20

— Humayun Saeed (@iamhumayunsaeed) April 19, 2020

Here’s my #MeAt20 !!😎

— Fahad Mustafa (@fahadmustafa26) April 19, 2020

#MeAt20. PC Lobby. Remember sketching 16-18 hrs continuously everyday…back breaking. Needed to support family & save 4-5 lakhs to be able to record my first music album & video. Took me 5 yrs & “Huqa Pani”- “Channo” was released. Rest is history. Will never forget those times.

— Ali Zafar (@AliZafarsays) April 18, 2020

#MeAt20 #Li #Newyork 🙈

Ps: I curled my own hair.

— Saida Imtiaz (@SaeedaImtiaz) April 18, 2020

Enough pressure & public demand. Here’s my #MeAt20.

1995, Rawalpindi.

— Shoaib Akhtar (@shoaib100mph) April 18, 2020

#MeAt20 on some Secret Mission

— Rabia Anum Obaid (@RabiaAnumm) April 18, 2020

Khusro bhai kabhi hum bhi #MeAt20 thay

— Shehzad Roy (@ShehzadRoy) April 17, 2020


— Jemima Goldsmith (@Jemima_Khan) April 17, 2020

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