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Public want Ramzan Transmissions free from Celebrities

People Are Bashing Ramzan Transmissions On TV For All The Right Reasons

Holy month of Ramadan started and Muslims all around the world fast and pray. In Pakistan, like every year a whole new drama begins. TV channels are in competition for more and more rating by hosting Ramadan Transmission with controversial hosts. War of rating is otherwise always On between channels but in Ramadan, it becomes more of a crusade for TV channels. Celebrities who are openly doing bullshit type things whole year, wears Dopata or Cap on head and wooah, they are ready for Ramzan.

WATCH: First promo of ARY Digital's Shan-e-Ramzan transmission ...

Everything is being done to engage audience including Ramadan specific game shows, clerics sitting together with celebrities, trying their best to impart Islamic teachings and discuss one issue after another.

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This year PEMRA banned live audience in Ramadan transmissions. But TV channels brought forward a new plan. They started using celebrities for their game shows for doing all types of Jumping Jack stuff.

Geo Tv “Ittehad Ramzan” transmission grabbing the full attention ...

Here are few public responses on social media regarding whatever is going on for Ramadan Transmission


Ramzan transmission should be free of irrelevant activities and unrelated Media personalities .

— umm e Abdulrehman. (@KiranWaseem9) April 6, 2020

#JIWomenAndRamazan2020 we don’t want film and drama actors in ramzan transmission

— Saadia Farrukh (@SAADIA_10) April 6, 2020

Yeah Islamic scholars should be appointed instead of drama actresses. They aren’t suitable for hosting in Ramzan transmissions.

— Fizza Wasim (@wasim_fizza) April 8, 2020

Some people pointed out how it was unfair that people with no knowledge of Islam appeared on national television to teach people their religion.

Hareem shah abb ramzan transmission main deakhy gi

— muznasyed (@muznasy) April 22, 2020

Tik tokers And Actress are being signed for Raman Ramzan transmission kuch tu sharm KrU ….🙇😡

— ابوہریرہ (@Abu_Huraira686) April 23, 2020

Some people actually called out the gravity of the situation which had the mosques lockdown but not these ramzan transmissions.

Speaking of this great stand against Masajid lockdown, Can our ulemah take united stand that nobody would take part in these wahiyat transmission during Holy month of Ramzan esp Aamir liaquat show?

— Furqan (@LongAwaitedHero) April 21, 2020

I always watch ramzan transmissions but in times like these, it was not so necessary, that famous cute little boy was also on the show today, wonder how his parents allowed

— Fatima A. Malik (@FatimaAsiff) April 25, 2020

Some people made a valid point

I do not watch such transmission during ramzan holy month should be utilised more in prayers rather than sit before tv

— Qamar Uz Zaman (@qamarz1964) April 21, 2020

Some were just plain sarcastic but made a valid point.

Ramzan transmissions with no live audience this time around? You mean to say we will not witness an undignified circus, people sucking on mangoes & what not for a Mehran? Shame.

— Safia (@_safiamahmood) April 16, 2020

I hope and pray that the TV channels will keep Ramzan transmissions sombre and not indulge in the usual circus.

This is just not the time.

— Azam Jamil (@AzamJamil53) April 18, 2020

Ramzan Transmissions should be placed under lockdown too.

— Abeer Asif (@AbeeerAsif) April 26, 2020

Its my humble request to stop these ramzan transmissions which are not at all contributing in any way to improve the knowledge and character of a common Pakistani. These are more like prepaid promotions,fashion parade and irrelevant people talking about useless matters.

— Sidra Noman (@SidraNoman11) April 25, 2020

Ramzan transmission is the biggest scam in the name of religion. Even watching dramas and seasons is better than watching ramzan transmissions.

— Uzair (@Ozzair_Oz) April 25, 2020

“And they planned yet Allah is the best planner”

Finally a Ramzan without useless & immoral ramazan transmissions is one of the best thing happening due to corona hence more time to spent in prayers and to seek forgiveness rather to watch that shit “sare mil k bolo kholo”

— Muhammad Zahid Shafi (@MissterBrown) April 24, 2020

People believed coronavirus was sent for a reason

Coronavirus was sent to stop post iftar kanjar khana on Tv in Ramzan transmissions.

— Biya Ali Zaib. (@BiyaAli9) April 7, 2020

Covid-19 brought everything to a halt but still couldn’t stop Ramzan transmissions

— Mahnoor Sheikh (@mahnoorrsheikh) April 25, 2020

Officially thanking coronavirus for saving us from the wrath of Ramzan Transmissions.

— Ayesha Shahid (@IntroverStories) April 24, 2020

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