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Surgery Gone Wrong | Hania Aamir Destroyed Her Natural Look

People Think Hania Aamir’s Latest Look Is Her Surgery Gone Wrong

Janaan Starer Hania Aamir is one of the most popular and beautiful Actress in our showbiz industry. she looked absolutely adorable. Hania Aamir got attention of producers and public because of her awesome natural beauty and dimples. She was love in first sight type girl.

Hania has done multiple drama serials and has a huge fan following. But greed to look unique and trendy sometimes gets you involved in things which harms you more than giving you desired results. Similar things are being noticed with Hania Aamir new Face looks.

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hania surgery 11

hania surgery 12

Recently, a video of Hania Aamir was shared online which got fans atrention. People pointed out that Hania seemed to have destroyed her natural beauty with something.

hania surgery 6

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Fans brought focus on Hania face which was different from her usual look specially her teeth and lips looked different. All sorts of comments pointed out that Hania had got surgery done on her face.

hania surgery 7

Here are the the people comments;

hania surgery 4

hania surgery 5

hania surgery 3

hania surgery 2

hania surgery 1

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