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How much do Pakistani tick takers earn monthly?

How much do Pakistani tick takers earn monthly?
In recent years, Tiktok has gained such popularity among the youth. Now Pakistani youth are mostly seen on Tiktok instead of Facebook and Instagram and you will be surprised to know that young people are making millions by making videos on Tik Tak.

In view of the growing popularity of Tiktok in Pakistan, Ahsan Khan invited famous tuk tuk stars of Pakistan to his show and also asked them about their income.

Ahsan Khan’s show was attended by tick talk star Erica Haq with 5.4 million followers, Mujtaba Lakhani and Ayman Zaman with 2.6 million followers and the famous sibling duo Sherry and Mashal Malik.

During the show, Ahsan Khan asked all these tiktok stars about their income and they said that their income depends on the number of their videos, sponsor videos and company etc. Erica Haq said that she earns Rs 1.5 to Rs 200,000 a month by making videos on TikTok.

Ticktok stars Mujtaba Lakhani and Ayman Zaman said that they had made a tick talk video for a mobile phone company campaign which earned them Rs 160,000.

Sherry and Mashal said that their monthly income is around Rs 4 lakh. The sibling duo is very popular on Tik Tak and their comedy videos are well-liked.

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