Famous Celebrities who are Practical Example of “Say No to Dowry”

Marriage is a sacred duty and in our society dowry is one major obstacle for parents to fulfill this duty in a better way. Showbiz Celebrities have raised their voice multiple times against dowry. There are many examples in the showbiz industry where celebrities have set personal examples by not asking or getting proved dowry in marriage. Lets see these role models celebrities who are clear example for everyone.

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    • ##thumbs-up## Sania Saeed

Actress Sania Saeed belongs to a family where her father is an activist and her mother is a teacher. When the time came for marriage, she was getting married to her friend who grew up playing with her as a child. Both families were very close and Sania father could have thrown a levish wedding but he did not. Sania is also his only daughter and he could have done all shinny things but he did not want to set an example that would establish a bad tradition in the society.

Famous Celebrities who are Practical Example of "Say No to Dowry"

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    • ##thumbs-up## Ahad Raza Mir
Ahad Raza Mir wedding with Sajjal Ali was held in UAE and this wedding was attended by very close people. It was not a difficult marriage and its mental and Mutual harmony was perfect. Ahad did not take a single thing in the name of dowry but also made wonderful arrangements for Sajjal Ali and made him feel as if she was a princess.

Ahad Raza Mir wedding with Sajjal Ali was held in UAE

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    • ##thumbs-up## Falak Shabbir
The marriage of Falak Shabbir and Sarah Khan was the one which was thoroughly followed and most important thing about this marriage was some special instructions of Falak. One of which was the absence of dowry Falak said that he already got most valuable from their house in the shape of Sarah Khan and he don’t want anything else. 
marriage of Falak Shabbir and Sarah Khan

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Muneeb Butt is also one of celebrity who raised his voice against dowry and also proved it with his own marriage. Although people said that he spent a lot of money on marriage but Muneeb says it is not true.  Muneeb did not take any dowry from Aiman and he does not support it. He says that as he is the father of a daughter he exactly know that the greatest wealth for a father is her daughter.

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