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Dhoni five year girl is threatened over Rape and You will Not Believe the Reasons

She is Ziva Dhoni, the 5-year old daughter of MS Dhoni and last week, she became the victim of threats of rape and sexual assault because her father, the skipper of Chennai Super Kings, lost an IPL – Indian Premier League match. 
Though Dhoni is considered as a cricketing icon not only in India but around the world but the loss of a match resulted in being his and wife’s account spammed by people who were blatantly threatening to rape his daughter 
Why has MS Dhoni not been able to do what Dhoni does, win games for the Chennai Super Kings? Just because of these threats, security has been tightened at Dhoni’s farmhouse and residence. 
This is not about India or Pakistan. This is about the trashy mindset we’re dealing with in a fu**ed world where a five year old girl is threatened over rape because her father didn’t perform well in a cricket match.

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