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Hania Aamir weird Lips Mystery Solved | Actress not had a Lip Surgery

Hania Aamir weird Lips Mystery Solved
Hania Aamir is one of beautiful actress of Pakistani showbiz. She remains very active on social media to stay in touch with her fans and treats them by sharing new photos and videos with her fans. Actress Hania Aamir, who has made a name for herself in the Pakistani showbiz industry in a very short period of time, is often criticized.

Recently, Hania Aamir shared her pictures on Instagram which invited criticism. Her pictures went viral and public started commenting on these pictures. Unique thing of pictures was Hania Aamir lips which looks weird and public though she has undergone a lip surgery.  

Hania Aamir weird Lips Mystery Solved

Hania Aamir’s lips were becoming more prominent in recent photos that went viral on social media, but she did not confirm whether she had undergone lip surgery or not.

Hania Aamir weird Lips Mystery Solved

After which she was also criticized by the fans that the actress has disfigured her face by undergoing this surgery. Hania Aamir released a video in her Instagram story in which she confirmed that she had not undergone lip surgery and explained reason of her weird lips photos.

Hania Aamir weird Lips Mystery Solved

Hania says

“The truth is that I have not undergone any kind of surgery but I use an Instagram filter which makes my lip texture look weird.”

In the video, she said that her friend told her that if she grabbed the scale of filter she use and brought it down, the lips would return to normal.

Earlier, on some of the photos shared by actress Hania Aamir, fans said that Hania Aamir is no longer beautiful. Hania Aamir, on the other hand, posted a picture on her Instagram account earlier this year in which she looked a bit different.

Hania Aamir weird Lips Mystery Solved

Fans on the actress’ photo said that the actress may have undergone surgery which went wrong and it has destroyed her natural beauty.

Someone said that ‘Haniya Amir looks like an old woman’, and some other commented, ‘The loss of surgery, you are no longer beautiful.

Hania Aamir weird Lips Mystery Solved

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