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Mirzapur 2 Streaming is Opened at Amazon Prime and Season 3 is in Making

Mizapur is a thriller series based on drugs and guns. It is available at Amazon Prime. Internet went into frenzy when the streaming of Mirzapur 2 was opened for public on Amazon Prime Video two days back and everyone’s on it for a binge-watch but do you think its over? Not at all. The third season, according to close sources, is also in pipeline so wait for it to know who’d be sitting on throne of Mirzapur. 
According to critics, it has become the most watched Indian web-series beating the records of Sacred Games and Delhi Crime. Two more facts that we want to share. 

1. Did you know that Ali Fazal, initially, was asked to play the role of Munna Tripathi, but instead, he was seen playing Guddu Pandit.
2. Every principal actor was paid nearly double for the season second as compared to first. By that, we mean characters like Kaleen Bhaiya, Guddu and Munna. 
3. The total budget of Mirzapur 1 was 12 crores. For second, it was doubled nearly to 60 crores and for Mirzapur 3, it has been increased by 30% i.e. 78 crores.
Have you started watching Mirzapur 2 yet or not? Share your comments. 

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