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Actress Rabab Hashim Mayun Pictures and Details of Husband

Actress Rabab Hashim Mayun Pictures and Details of Husband

Leading Pakistani TV actress Rabab Hashim is about to tie the knot. The actress surprised the fans by sharing a few photos of her Mayun ceremony on Instagram.

Rabab Hashim is a capable actress of Pakistan drama industry who has shown the essence of her acting in many successful dramas. Rabab Hashim began his artistic career at the age of ten with Geo’s Children’s Program. Few of her most popular dramas includes Pia Man Bhai, Anaya Tumhari Hoi and Mant.
Rabab shared photos on Instagram in which she is wearing a yellow mother’s dress, putting henna on her hands and smiling.
Matchmaker Mrs. Khan also confirmed the marriage of Rabab Hashim, who is known for his simplicity and innocence.
Actress Rabab Hashim Mayun
Mrs Khan wrote on her social media account that she had found a partner for actress Rabab Hashim named Sohaib, and also shared a picture of the boy.

The official wedding photographer of the actress also shared some photos of Rabab Hashim’s Mayun on his Instagram account. Lets check beautiful pictures of Actress Rabab Hashim Mayun. 

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