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Pakistani Film Zindagi Tamasha Selected for Nomination for Academy Awards

The film ‘Zindagi Tamasha’ has been selected for the International Category of the 93rd Academy Awards.

 The film has been selected by the Pakistan Academy Selection Committee for the Oscar Awards International Film Category, but the decision to nominate an international category will be made by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences next year.
 Talking about the selection of Zindagi Tamasha for the Oscar Awards, the film’s producer Kanwal Khost said that the story of Zindagi Tamasha is a balanced picture of the life of the common people, family, city of Lahore and different values ​​of the people. During the shooting, we had a passion for working on a story that is a reflection of real life that regular people can face. I am proud of my team who really worked hard to present a Pakistani story, many thanks to the committee who appreciated our efforts and hard work.
 Asim Abbas, the director of Web Series Charles, also tweeted on the occasion and congratulated Sarmad Khost and his team.
 It may be recalled that the film ‘Zindagi Tamasha’ was allowed to be released by the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights in July this year but the film could not be released due to the Karuna epidemic.
 It should be noted that the film Zindagi Tamasha was supposed to be released in Pakistan on January 24, but the censor board had banned the release of the film after receiving various complaints and objections against it.
 Even before this, the trailer of the film was criticized a lot, due to which the first trailer of the film was removed from YouTube, which was re-uploaded after minor modifications, but the opposition did not abate.
 Sarmad Khost also wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan through his Twitter account, which mentioned obstacles to the screening of the film, while also revealing threats to the director, producer and staff.
 Directed by Sarmad Khost, the film features Arif Hussain, Samia Mumtaz, Ali Qureshi and Iman Suleiman.

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