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Sonya Hussyn Welcomes her Adorable Niece Syeda Minsa

Sonya Hussyn welcomes her Adorable niece Syeda Minsa. At this moment of joy and happiness, Sonya expressed her love for her niece in such a lovely way which touched our hearts. Here is what she shared on Instagram. 

She expressed her love with following beautiful caption.

گھر جو خدا کو پسند ہوں بیٹیاں صرف وہاں ہوتی ہیں

So overwhelmed and excited to announce the birth of this bundle of joy, khuda ki rehmat, my baby niece! What a miraculous event, words can’t describe how I feel right now!🙏🏼
Welcome home my baby girl, my beti “SYEDA MINSA”♥️
Do remember her and my angel sana hussyn in your prayers.Sonya Hussyn Welcomes her Adorable Niece Syeda Minsa

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