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Aima Baig Dance at her Sister Komal Baig Dholki is going Viral

Aima Baig danced in her sister’s Dholki, the video of which is going viral. The singer’s dance is being loved by the fans. Aima Baig adorns her sister’s Dholki in Sadid Rind’s dress in which she looks very beautiful.

 Earlier, the friendship between singer Aima Baig and model Shahbaz Shigri was being discussed heavily on social media.
 Pakistani model Shahbaz Shigri used the term ‘better half’ for the Aima Baig, which gave fans another chance to speak for the two.
Remember that for a long time, singer Aima Baig and model Shahbaz Shigri have appeared together in every event and program. Photos of both from various events and their recent photo shoots shows that both are in relationship. 
 However, this has not been confirmed by Aima Baig yet but Shahbaz Shigri used the word ‘better half’ for the singer on Instagram. It is believed that the recent photo of the two and the comment on it seemed to confirm the news of a close relationship.
 Shahbaz Shigri had written a long caption for Aima Baig expressing his immense love. Shahbaz use of term ‘better half’ for the Aima which usually couples use for each other.
On this comment of Shahbaz, fans said that the two did not want to hide their relationship any more. People from the Pakistani showbiz industry are also giving good wishes on Shahbaz Shigri’s caption for Aima Baig on Instagram.
Aima Baig Dance at her Sister Komal Baig Dholki is going Viral

 Pakistani actors and showbiz industry personalities have expressed their love for the both.
It should be noted that last year, singer Aima Baig was awarded the Medal of Pride in recognition of her services in projecting the positive face of Pakistan to the world and empowering women.

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