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Corona Wedding Trend, Now Watch Wedding Event online with Food Delivered at Home

The Corona virus epidemic has disrupted the worldwide system and new trends emerged. On Daily bases we see or watch such things which surprises us. You might also watch such unique things on social media which got popularity during coronavirus lockdown. One of the most effected social gathering was weddings. 

All charm of wedding is gathering and full of customs but coronavirus forced people to follow SOPs and adopt ro simple functions. 

 However, today we are going to tell you a unique way of a wedding invitation that you will be surprised to hear. On Twitter, Shivani, a user from India, made a tweet that caught the attention of thousands of people.
Sharing some photos, Shivani wrote, “New trend of wedding invitations, wedding food will now be sent to your home.” There was another card with the food, detailing which dish was in which tiffin.
Shivani also shared some photos of food and wedding cards. According to the wedding card, the wedding was to take place online, meaning that no guest would attend, but would be able to watch live video of the event.
 The password for the email address to which the video can be viewed was also written on the card.
Whosoever saw this was amazed and appreciated the new way of Wedding. Public also left comments which shows their likeness.

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