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Feroze Khan and Alizeh Sultan Divorce, Is Hania Aamir the Reason?

Divorce news of Feroze Khan and his wife Aliza Sultan is the talk of the town. On social media, her fans have expressed deep sorrow and grief because the couple loved each other and both looked happy together. But now with this news, many questions are circulating amongst fans.

A user says that the reason for the divorce of Feroz Khan and his wife is Haniya Amir. Because of the drama serial Eshqiya, the duo became very popular and rumors of their love became common.
 Some people even say that Feroze might have facing Sajjal Ali’s curse as both both were quite close before ending up with breakup. After their break up, Feroze married Alizeh as per to the liking of the family.
But so far no response has been given from Feroz and Alizeh.

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