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Google Photos Cinematic Feature will allow creation of 3D pictures like iPhone 12

Google has now developed a new photo feature for mobile users that will be announced soon. With the new feature of Google Photos, users of older Android phones will be able to create images similar to the new iPhone 12, and these images will be automatically created in the user’s phone in 3D animation.

Google Photos Cinematic Feature will allow creation of 3D pictures like iPhone 12

 This will be made possible by Google Photos and for this a new feature has been introduced in Google Photos called Cinematic Photos which will be available in the market for the users in the next few weeks. This feature in the Google Photos app will  add animated layers to a still image.
 “For this purpose, we used machine learning technology to predict the depth of an image and create a 3D version of the scene, even though in the original image,” said Jamie Espinal, Product Manager at Google Photos. The camera cannot provide such depth.
He added that then the image is animated just like a movie scene, when this feature is available to the users, they will be able to view the images in the memory in this new way and in the form of a short video clip from their loved ones. They will also be able to share it.

Over the next few weeks, we’re rolling out Cinematic photos to help you relive your memories in a way that feels more vivid and realistic.

— Google Photos (@googlephotos) December 15, 2020

 In addition, another update is being made to Google Photos, which will add favorite people and activities in the Memories section.
 Users will also be able to hide specific people or times so they don’t show up in memories again, according to the company, which is still working on cinematic photos and will make further changes in the next few months.

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