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Highest earning Youtubers in 2020. Forbes Magazine reveals top earners of 2020

highest youtube earners

Leading American magazine Forbes has released a list of the highest earning people on the video website YouTube during the year 2020.

 According to Forbes, the highest-earning person on YouTube this year is 9-year-old Ryan Kaji from the United States, who earned 29.5 million dollars. If we talk in Pakistani rupees, Ryan Kaji earned Rs 1.5 billion from YouTube in 2020.
highest youtube earners

 Ryan Kaji’s YouTube channel, created by his parents in 2015, is only four years old but has 41.7 million subscribers. Most of the videos in the channel called “Ryan Toys Review” showing Ryan opening new toys and playing with them.
highest youtube earners

 Many of the channel’s videos have more than one billion views, and since the channel’s inception, its videos have received approximately 35 billion views. The channel has recently been renamed the Consumer Advocacy Organization.
 Truth in Advertising has filed a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission. Truth in Advertising alleges that the channel does not explicitly show that the videos are being promoted for money.

Mr. Best

highest youtube earners

 In 2020, Mr. Best is the second highest-earning person on YouTube. He earned 24 24 million in 2020, or more than four billion Pakistani rupees. His videos are a mix of stunts and fun: in the last 12 months, he has frozen himself in the snow, spin a thousand times in one wheel and built the largest Lego tower ever.

Dodd Perfect YouTube

 According to the list of Forbes, Dodd Perfect is the third YouTube channel which has earned more than four billion Pakistani rupees this year. This YouTube channel is about five brothers who make videos of their dangerous stunts and put them on the channel which are well received by the fans.

Rate and link

highest youtube earners

 The fourth highest earner on YouTube this year is the American pair Rate & Link, which earned more than 20 million. The American duo has 41.8 million subscribers on YouTube and more than two billion views on their videos.

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