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I don’t like Negative roles. Hira Mani Reveals Her Conditions for Accepting a Drama Script

Leading actress of Pakistani drama industry Hira Mani does not need any introduction, Hira possesses excellent acting skills who stepped into the showbiz industry after marriage and then having two children and as soon as she came she started ruling the hearts of the fans. Hira Mani’s popular dramas include Dil Moom Ka Diya, Do Bol, Kashf, Mere Paas Tum Ho, Sun Yara and Pagli.

Hira Mani Interview

 Recently, actress Hira Mani gave an interview to Meira Sethi on YouTube channel in which she answered interesting questions.
 My question is, “Nowadays, the scripts of dramas are the same in which a woman is portrayed as oppressed and she is told to be patient in every way. So are you satisfied with these scripts?” How do you like today’s scripts? ”
Mera Sethi

Hira replied, “Man should be patient. Patience teaches a great deal.” “Yes, you are right. The scripts of our dramas are like that, but it is our job,” Hira continued.
 The actress said, “If I get choosy or not, my friend is not doing the script, then it is showing oppression on women, no! I have to do it because money comes to my house for the same thing, so why should I forbid it.
Revealing, the actress added, “Yes, but I can set some conditions as I will not be slapped, I will not hear abuse. There are some things I talk to my writer and director about that I can’t do. That’s why I don’t play a negative role in drama. Not because you do bad things and you start to get bad. ”
 The actress said, “Negative characters are more interesting but I strongly disagree with the kind of negative thinking that is being shown in our dramas. But what can be done by disagreeing? If we speak, we will be removed from one drama today, we will be removed from another drama tomorrow. ”
 What else did actress Hira Mani say about dramas, watch the video.

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