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Social media comparing Naimal Sister Fiza Khawar and Hamza sister Fazeela to Indian Actresses

Naimal Khawar Sister Fiza Khawar
Photos and videos of the wedding of the sister of Naimal Khawar Khan, wife of renowned Pakistani showbiz industry actor and host Hamza Ali Abbasi, are being liked by social media users.
 Recently, Fiza Khawar, the younger sister of Naimal Khawar, got married. From the very beginning of the ceremony, several pictures of wedding went viral on the internet, which also saw extraordinary interest from the fans.
Naimal Khawar Sister Fiza Khawar

You can check HD Pictures of Naimal Khawar and Hamza Ali Abbasi from Fiza Khawar Wedding which we recently published. 
One of the interesting thing of Fiza Khawar Wedding was that her and Hamza sister looks were compared with Bollywood Actresses. Some fans said Fiza Khawar looks like ‘Madhuri Dixit’ and Hamza Ali Abbasi’s sister to ‘Katrina Kaif’. 
“Am I the only one who thinks that Naimal’s sister Fiza looks like Madhuri Dixit,” wrote a Twitter user named Tahrir. 
On the other hand, many users also described Hamza Ali Abbasi’s sister Dr. Fazeela Abbasi as a counterpart of Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif. Several social media patches are posting a picture of Katrina with Hamza Ali Abbasi’s sister to compare how close they are to each other.
Naimal Khawar Sister Fiza Khawar

It may be recalled that the photos that went viral on social media include Naimal Khawar Khan, Fiza Khawar and their fiance Abdullah, Hamza Ali Abbasi and their sister Fazeela Abbasi.
 However, the viral image of Naimal Khawar Khan with Hamza Ali Abbasi also got a lot of attention on the internet. Fans say that Hamza Ali Abbasi’s sister Fazeela Abbasi looks exactly like Indian Barbie doll Katrina Kaif.
 Internet users commenting that they saw Hamza Ali Abbasi standing with Katrina Kaif as soon as they saw her sister standing next to Hamza.
 It should be noted that Naimal Khawar Khan had become emotional over the marriage of his younger sister and had also sent a heartful message for her sister.

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