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We have hardly seen each other in 5 months. Actress Faryal Mahmood Breaks the Ice over Divorce Rumors

News of the separation of actress Faryal Mehmood and Daniel Raheel had been going viral on social media for the past few days. However, no statement was made by either of them but now actress Faryal Mehmood has finally broken the silence.

 Faryal Mehmood denied all the rumors and uploaded a story on Instagram in which she wrote:
I have been seeing posts about Daniel and my separation on social media for a few days now which are being spread only because Daniel and I do not share pictures together.
 The actress was furious and wrote, “Since pictures of me and Daniel are not appearing together these days, would you say that we are separated?”
 Faryal Mehmood expressed his indignation at those who spread false news and said, “Do we now have to prove to you that our marriage will last, will we spend time together as you wish?”
The actress added, “Daniel and I are going through a difficult time at the moment because we have hardly seen each other for the last 5 months due to our busy schedule.”
 “Please leave our marriage and discuss issues that are more important than that,” she added. In the end, Faryal Mahmood said sadly, “I am very sad to see the rumors about our separation.”
 It should be noted that the actress’ husband Daniel Raheel also uploaded a screenshot of Faryal’s story on his Instagram story.

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