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Pakistani girl Emma Alam won the Global Memory Championship 2020 in London

Emma won memory competition

The Pakistani girl won the annual event of memory and various human skills competitions held every year in the British capital London.

Pakistani girl Emma Alam won the Global Memory Championship 2020 in London, leaving behind people from 16 countries. According to a statement issued by the World Memory Championship, Emma Alam won the championship in 10 different competitions in the event, beating the participants from other countries.
 The Global Memory Championship was attended by 300 participants from a total of 16 countries, including China, India, Malaysia, Qatar, Egypt, the United States and the United Kingdom, and took place in London in December 2020.
Emma won memory competition

The 29th annual event was held this year, with five Pakistani youth, including Emma Alam, taking part.  The Pakistani team competed in 10 different categories of the event and the Pakistani team also set records in some categories.
 While the Pakistani team showed outstanding performance in the championship, Emma Alam won the event leaving behind the participants from China, India, USA, UK and other countries.
Emma won memory competition

Young people, including children and the elderly, take part in the event, but overall only one person is declared the champion and this year Emma Alam was declared the champion. Emma Alam participated in the event as an adult and she also won second and third positions in several competitions and overall she won the championship by getting significant marks in all the categories.
 The World Memory Championship was launched in 1991 and was its 29th event this year. People are congratulating the Pakistani girl on winning the championship.

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