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Ali Xeeshan awareness against Dowry “Numaish Bridal Couture 2021” highly appreciated by public

Numaish Bridal Couture 2021

For some time now, social and welfare organizations in Pakistan, with the support of international organizations, have been campaigning to discourage dowry.

 However, the practice of giving and receiving dowry continues across the country. In Pakistan, parents usually have to pay a lot of ‘dowry’ to the groom along with their daughter, and the same process is being discouraged.
Numaish Bridal Couture 2021

 To discourage dowry, fashion house Ali Zeeshan recently launched its new bridal couture and launched a unique campaign to discourage dowry.
Introducing the bridal couture 2021, Ali Zeeshan also released a short video under the banner of Ali Zeeshan Theater to discourage dowry, which is being appreciated.
Numaish Bridal Couture 2021

Pictures of Ali Zeeshan Studio’s campaign against ‘dowry’ are also being appreciated on social media and public is also raising their voices against ‘dowry’.
Numaish Bridal Couture 2021

 Ali Zeeshan Theater Studio’s introduction of Bridal couture and the two-and-a-half minute video released against ‘Dowry Eating’ is also being liked.
The video shows two elderly parents pulling an empty wheelbarrow (car) and bringing it to a standstill and then handing over the wheelbarrow to their bride’s daughter.
 The video shows the parents filling the bride with a lot of dowry before handing over the wheelbarrow to the bride and then the groom is seated on the wheelbarrow loaded with dowry.
 The video shows the newlyweds pulling the groom sitting on the dowry and leaving the parents’ house.
 There is no dialogue in the short video, but the visuals of the video are so beautiful that the viewer can’t help but appreciate it.
In the video, it can be seen that the bride pulling the dowry-laden wheelbarrow is wearing the bridal couture ‘Numaish’ introduced by Ali Zeeshan Fashion House.
 The short video raising awareness against ‘dowry’ was highly appreciated and people used hashtags like ‘Stop Dowry’ and ‘Stop Numaish’ including banning dowry while sharing it.
The exhibition is actually the name of a bridal couture introduced by Ali Zeeshan, worn by a bride pulling a dowry-laden wheelbarrow.
 After the video came out, the general public also shared pictures of the bride-to-be pulling the dowry-laden robe.
 Ali Zeeshan Theater was assisted by a UN agency for women to raise awareness against dowry, with actress and model Kashf Star playing the role of the bride.

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