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Canadian vlogger Rosie Gabriel shares her Story of falling in Love with Pakistan and finding her Soulmate

Canadian vlogger Rosie Gabriel

Canadian motorcyclist and vlogger Rosie Gabriel shared her details about visiting Pakistan, falling in love with Land then its people and finally, meeting her soulmate. Rosie Gabriel shared a photo of herself holding a Pakistani flag on Instagram on the occasion of Pakistan Day and commented on the experience of coming to Pakistan and getting married here in a detailed caption.

She begin her post with how she started her world tour journey. We have divided her post into easy reading paras. Lets check out.

Rosie Gabriel World Tour Plan

Two & a half years ago, I left my home in Canada to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Little did I know then, my trip across Pakistan would forever change me in so many ways.

I had a passion to inspire the world through my travels & experiences. To tell stories & share raw adventures through the lens of my heart. To show you humanity & touch the lives of the people & promote peace & healing. To give hope to the lost & broken. I wanted to break barriers & change negative perceptions of a country, a nation & people. I wanted to put the human back in humanity.


Rosie Gabriel visits Pakistan

I didn’t choose to come here, Pakistan chose me. In 2018, I surrendered to the universe and said, “okay God, it’s up to you,where am I going next?”….

Days later I got an invitation to come here for a small week long media tour. I’m not much of a “group Traveler” but took this as a Divine Invitation for something bigger & made my own trip after. I had always wanted to explore Pakistan so I gladly accepted. I didn’t know then that this trip would change my life. All I knew is, I wanted to travel the entire country by bike & document my experiences. I didn’t know at that time if it was even logistically possible, or know much about the country.

Rosie Gabriel Revolutionary Moment

Months before I had a revolutionary moment when I was crossing Oman by bike. I saw the power & gift I had to document my travels & inspire the world. Deep down I knew that I could forever make a positive impact for Pakistan by showing the true hearts of the people & land here. It was my destiny & my calling. I didn’t know how I would, I just knew I would, & the will of my heart lead the way.

For over two years now I have dedicated my heart, soul and all my energy to promoting peace and a positive change for this nation.

Rosie Gabriel Fins her Love of Life

I not only fell in love with the land, the people. I’m humbly grateful every day for meeting the love of my life Adeel Amer the most inspiring (this word does not do justice) human I know, & finally able to call this beautiful country my HOME ❤️

At the end, Rosie Gabriel asked fans about their passion and how they can use it to promote Pakistan positive image.

What’s your passion, & how can you use it to promote a more positive image of your country or inspire humanity, please share.

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