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Hum Tv “Safar Tamam Howa” story is based on love, marriage, and family issues

Hum Tv "Safar Tamam Howa" story is based on love, marriage, and family issues

Although there have been a number of dramas in the past that deal with love, marriage, and family issues, fans will soon be able to see a unique play on the subject with name Safar Tamam Howa. Safar Tamam Howa” Starting from 16th of March, Tuesday at 8:00 PM on Hum Tv.

“Safar Tamam Howa” is based on Rahat Jabeen’s novel ‘Safar Tamam Howa’ with leading actress Madiha Imam

Yes, viewers will soon be able to watch Hum TV drama based on Rahat Jabeen’s novel ‘Safar Tamam Howa’, in which actors including Madiha Imam, Ali Rehman and Syed Jibran will be seen in action.

Talking about ‘Safar Tamam Howa’, the lead actress of the play Madiha Imam told Dawn Images that although the play is based on the story of family issues, it is different from the earlier dramas on the same subject. She clarified that “Safar Tamam Howa” will not show bitterness between husband and wife or quarrels between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. 

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She claimed that the story of ‘Safar Tamam Howa’ was different from the past dramas on family issues and the story of the drama would appeal to the audience. Referring to her role, Madiha Imam said that she will be seen playing the role of a girl named Anusha in the play, who suffers from some problems in her childhood and these problems affect her for the rest of her life.

She clarified that she is not playing the role of an ‘abnormal’ girl in the play but her role is definitely different. Madiha Imam, while refraining from giving further details about the story of the play, said that the story of ‘Safar Tamam Howa’ is different from the previous dramas on family issues.

The story of ‘SSafar Tamam Howa’ has been written by Rahat Jabeen, who had published a novel of the same name and it was well received. The play, produced by Momina Dareed, has been directed by Shehrzad Sheikh and will be aired on Hum TV.

It is difficult to understand the story from the teaser of the play, however, they suggest that the story of ‘Safar Tamam Howa’ revolves around the relationship between two families and the marriage of two couples.

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