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The most special moment in my life was when I became a father”: Wahaj Ali

There are certain moments in life which are very special to you. The minute they happen, you just know, that this is the moment you will look back too and everything else that you have done to be in that moment will be worth it. 
Peek FreansPik recently started a series called ‘KhaasLamha’. The series is a casual short interview session and the very first episode is with the charming Wahaj Ali. He gives a lot of thought to all his answers and answers effortlessly. 
Perhaps the sweetest part of this “KhaasLamha’ with Wahaj is when he said that becoming a father was the most special moment in his life. Being a parent really is a life-changing moment for you. The minute you hold your little one in your arms, everything changes. 
We see a side of Wahaj Ali in this interview which is normally overlooked, he’s got such a down-to-earth, sweet persona that he has maintained throughout his career and given fans a reason to look up to him. Don’t forget to check out “KhaasLamha” with Wahaj Ali.

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