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Drama ‘Oye Moti’ based on issues of Over weight women face Criticism over Its Way of Presentation

Drama 'Oye Moti' based on issues of Over weight women

 For the past few years, Pakistani dramas have been facing a lot of criticism due to their stories and characters, and people are unhappy with the story of the recently aired drama ‘Oye Moti’.

The drama “Oye Moti”, which aired on Express Entertainment, was initially aired in February this year and had aired nine episodes by April 10.

However, two months after the drama started, it is now being criticized and social media users are calling the drama a fifth grade drama. “Oye Moti” started in mid-February and the drama shows the problems faced by over weight women.

In each episode of the play, a woman or a girl is shown to be suffering from overweight and obesity. The play shows how women or young girls are not only ridiculed in the workplace for making fun of their physical appearance, but also face difficulties in their married life.

The play shows how obese girls or overweight women are ridiculed for their weight and physique during treatment, from home to the office and hospitals. Although the play aims to raise awareness about overweight women in society, the way the play is presented has been criticized by people on social media.

Criticism of ‘Oye Moti’ started on social media when the promo of the ninth episode of the drama was released, in which actress Kanwal Aftab was shown in a fat condition.

The promo shows how the actress has problems due to her weight of 160 kg and after a lot of hard work, when she gets engaged to a man, he is seen mocking her weight at the time of engagement. The promo shows that the fiance asks the actress to reduce her weight from 160 kg to 70 kg and only then does he condition her marriage to him.

Ye kaun 5th graders dramay bana rahe hain aaj kal? This is embarrassing. And that song oye moti matlab kuch bhi? In actors ko cringe feel nahi hota ye script follow karte hue?

— تلمیذ (@Talmeez92) April 8, 2021

Following the release of the promo, users on social media criticized the drama team for its story and characters, and some called the drama a fifth-grade drama.

Some fans expressed outrage at the play’s story and character structure, while others wrote that it was just a matter of guessing how people invested in making a play on the subject, how people came up with ideas and time. Made a drama.

Some people even wrote that this is why we fail as a country, because we make dramas like ‘Oye Moti’ and cast tick talkers in them.

Drama 'Oye Moti' based on issues of Over weight women face Criticism over Its Way of Presentation

After public criticism, Tiktoker Kanwal Aftab, who played the role of a 160 kg girl in ‘Oye Moti’, shared a post on Instagram and told how much effort and time she put into making the drama.

The actress explained that she played the role of a fat girl in the play only to highlight the issue of women who are ridiculed for their physical constitution.

What the actual hell is this?

— Alia Chughtai (@AliaChughtai) April 8, 2021

Kanwal Aftab wrote that people do not allow any ‘fat’ to live nor do they allow any ‘thin’ to live a peaceful life and man is never happy. The actress wrote that every human being has abilities and no one can be tested on their physical constitution.

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