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Kangna – Starring ManjMusik and Ushna Shah launched Globally

Islamabad: A new international record label by the name of ‘Muzik One Global’ has launched globally with the release of its first single ‘Kangna’, starring the popular British-Indian singer and composer ManjMusik alongside stunning Canadian-Pakistani actress Ushna Shah as the leading couple. UAE-based Indian businessman Ashwin Sancheti and lead RDB vocalist ManjMusik are the masterminds behind this record label.

Kangna – Starring ManjMusik and Ushna Shah launched Globally

The new single has been launched globally on ManjMusik’s official YouTube Channel ( The record launch was an exclusive high-profile event with a live performance by the singer. When speaking of the single, the story begins with a wedding scene in the historic and culturally rich city of Lahore, Pakistan’s second-largest city, with flashbacks to Dubai, where two young people from two different countries meet and fall in love. The inevitable twist in the story occurs, leaving the lead pair in a sticky situation.

Kangna – Starring ManjMusik and Ushna Shah launched Globally

This love song is a treat for lovers of Punjabi hip-hop in general, and Manj’s fans in particular, since it’s a passion project produced by Muzik One Global and written and directed by Manj himself.

Co-Founder of Muzik One Global, Ashwin Sancheti said at the event “ Muzik One Global aims to promote talent from across the globe. Our prime focus is to bring talented musicians of the east and west together for collaborations, thus creating a new kind of music appealing to a global audience.

Kangna – Starring ManjMusik and Ushna Shah launched Globally

We have launched the label with Manj’s new single ‘Kangna’ which is shot and produced in Dubai with some parts shot in Lahore. It gives me immense pleasure to venture into this new realm of business with a friend and to be able to fulfill a long-cherished dream of launching a record label”.

Like his partner, co-founder ManjMusik said, “I am happy to partner with Ashwin and look forward to bringing a variety of genres and artists from all over the world to create original, authentic and new content for a wide range of audiences”.

Canadian-Pakistani actress Ushna Shah also spoke at the launch and shared her positive experience and feedback on the song, “Working with such lovely people in the beautiful city of Dubai was an unforgettable experience. The song has come out very well and I am very sure people will enjoy the song.”

Manjeet Ral aka ManjMusik

Manjeet Ral aka ManjMusik has come a long way in becoming one of the leading South Asian producer, musician, singer and entertainer in the world. ManjMusik is not just popular in the East, he has also worked alongside famous actors, artists and celebrities in the West as well. To name a few, Akshay Kumar, Snoop Lion, Ludacris, LMFAO, TPain, Sean Kingston, Fat Joe, and Public Enemy are but touching the surface of Manj’s celebrity interactions.

From multi-million viewers, to globally televised performances, to sell-out concerts around the world, Manjeet Ral has without a doubt struck a chord with the masses of music lovers in the east and west. His music is original and features deep meaningful lyrics along with hook lines and anthem-like melodies that blur across genres.

He has been working with Indian Rapper ‘Raftaar’ since 2014 and has done singles such as ‘Swag Mera Desi’, ‘Fukra Flow’, ‘Goli’ , ‘Shera Di Kaum’ while bagging the title of “Best Urban Single” award for “Swag Mera Desi” at Brit Asia TV Music Awards.

His partner Ashwin however, balances the business side of things with his entrepreneurial streak and penchance to delve into varied fields, which he has been doing based in Dubai since 2016 via his company, Spotlight Entertainment.

Starting at the tender age of 19, Ashwin has continuously made his mark, having conquered many frontiers and successfully launching diverse businesses spanning telecom, shipping, interior designing, AV & cinema production, live events, concerts and many more.

His unrivalled approach, vision, passion and determination have always paved the way for success. Once again, just like his other ventures, Muzik One Global is sure to become a force to reckon with, a long cherished dream that becomes a reality, born to create its niche in the global music industry.

Actress Ushna Shah

Canadian-born Pakistani actress Ushna Shah isn’t just another pretty face. She is in fact, a graduate of York University, and is the daughter of veteran actress IsmatTahira. Ushna managed to create a name for herself soon after she began her acting career in 2014, rising to fame with her role in the popular Pakistani drama, Bashar Momin.

Kangna – Starring ManjMusik and Ushna Shah launched Globally

Since then, Ushna has searched for and tried to create roles that go against the norm, of empowered, strong female characters as opposed to the typical weak, self-sacrificing and abused daughter in-law commonly found in Pakistani dramas.

She also has quite the social media presence and isn’t a stranger to online controversies because Ushna chooses to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes is right. Whether it’s sharing her views on feminism, supporting animal rights, or even sharing her own personal views that go against the popularity vote, Ushna has definitely made her presence known, and is here to stay.

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