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Iqra Aziz BTS Photoshoot with Her Newborn Son

Iqra Aziz appears to be relishing parenthood. Iqra is organising everything from her son Kabir’s Aqeeqa function to his most recent photoshoot. Every now and then, she loses her grip on her core motherhood beliefs.

On July 26th, 2021, the Jhooti actress and her husband Yasir Hussain welcomed their first child, a son named Kabir Hussain. Two months after his birth in July, Yasir and Iqra held a close-up Aqeeqah ritual for their son Kabir.

Iqra Aziz BTS Photoshoot with Her Newborn Son

The pair continues to post pictures of themselves having fun with their baby on social media, demonstrating how much they are enjoying being parents.

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz have yet to unveil the face of their son. Hussain had previously taken to Instagram to explain why they don’t publish images of their newborn on the social media platform.

Iqra Aziz BTS Photoshoot with Her Newborn Son

Although the Baandi actor admitted he would have liked to share a picture of his baby on social media, Kabir’s Nani (grandmother) does not.

“chehra kya dekhty ho, dil mai utar kar dekho na 😜😘
mai toh aaj tasweer laga doon bus bachy ki nani ne phasoori dali hui hai lol”

Iqra Aziz BTS Photoshoot with Her Newborn Son

Nevertheless, Yasir has provided fans with an early glimpse at Iqra Aziz and son Kabir’s newest photo shoot, and fans can’t stop fawning.

When they were photographed again, Iqra and Kabir wore similar blue nightgowns and the baby’s face was disguised behind a white fur rug, as seen on Yasir’s Instagram Stories.

It appears that Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3 diva has finally persuaded her mother to reveal her baby’s face and officially introduce him to the public with an exquisite mommy-baby photograph.

Iqra Aziz BTS Photoshoot with Her Newborn Son

On Instagram Stories, Iqra also posted a snapshot with the photographer in which she expressed her pleasure for the finished images.

“I can’t wait to see the photos,” says the subject.

wrote Iqra as a caption for the picture. I wonder what Aziz will come up with next in terms of originality?

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