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TECNO POVA 2 Battery Endurance Challenge ends with Overwhelming Success

The battles to see how long the POVA 2 battery can last are over. In five challenges, TECNO put the new POVA 2’s 7000mAh battery to the test, exposing it to influencers and gamers in the process. These tests were conducted to see how long POVA 2 would last and whether or not someone could sit on POVA 2 until it was depleted completely.

TECNO saw that the younger generation was anxious to demonstrate their gaming skills, so they developed this entertaining game just for them. In recognition of her international recognition, Pakistani model and television presenter Mathira was chosen to serve as the host for these challenges. Additionally, Amtul and Fahad from Pantangeer accepted the battery challenges with Ducky Bhai, Laraib Khalid, Ahmad OP, and the TikTok duo Kanwal and Zulqarnain, who were also competing in the TikTok competition.

TECNO POVA 2 Battery Endurance Challenge

Each challenge was broadcast live on the influencer’s YouTube channel, and thousands of people tuned in to watch. During the event, Ducky, Ahmad OP, and Laraib Khalid were all participating in gaming sessions at the same time, while Mathira was on hand to keep everyone amused. Despite the fact that the performances were a huge success, people were gushing about them on social media.

After Ducky Bhai’s debut episode went viral on social media, the POVA 2 Battery Challenges quickly gained popularity. Ahmad OP and Laraib Khalid’s gaming skills astound everyone in the room, even themselves. Kanwal and Zulqarnain had been hooked to their phones for almost 24 hours, watching movies continuously on their phones. On their road trip, Amtul and Fahad utilized the POVA 2 for a variety of tasks including navigation and selfies. The POVA 2 phones used by all of the competitors had a considerable amount of battery life left after completing the challenges.

The battery challenge was also held in Pakistan’s major cities, such as Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, as well as in smaller towns and cities across the country. The event in Islamabad was a rousing success, with a huge number of children participating and receiving fascinating prize packages. Keep an eye out for any new information on their on-campus events that may become available in the near future.

This shows the huge battery life and long-lasting gaming capabilities of the POVA 2 devices. All of the video from the tournament has now been uploaded to TECNO’s official Facebook and YouTube accounts.


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