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Zonergy successfully completed installation of NLC Solar project on Wagha Border

Islamabad: Zonergy has again paved the way for Pakistan’s energy secure future with the completion of the largest 102Kw NLC Solar Project on Wahga Border, Lahore.

This venture in renewable energy is part of the Zonergy’s sustainability strategy that focuses on the core pillars of planet, people, & product, making a real impact on the energy security while drastically cutting the carbon footprint across the country.


“After overcoming many challenges due to pandemic, we are excited to announce the completion of this mega project that is sure to boost the dynamic Pakistan solar industry and contribute towards decarbonizing Pakistan’s energy mix.”said XU, General Manager, Zonergy. “With growing pressure on the environment, we understand and encourage on the importance for leaders of industry to set the right example and invest in greener more sustainable manufacturing and processes thus creating an impetus for change,” he added

Mr. LT Col Muhammad Rizwan Amin (R) said, We are thrilled to be a part of Pakistan’s journey towards green energy driven by Zonergy. With our investment in Solar, we are sending a signal to the world that investing in green technologies is the right thing to do for the planet. The successful installation and completion of this solar project, is our way forward to contribute more towards plant and collaborate more with Zonergy for our future endeavours.

We applaud the collaborative work and leadership from such a distinguished solar energy company. Their reputation combined with the great work is highly commendable.

Zonergy continue to provide unmatchable Renewable Energy solutions to its customer across the globe. Being pioneer in Solar Energy Solutions, Zonergy has successfully established it strong footprint in Asian and European Market with state-of-the-art technology which offer maximum efficiency and minimum cost. Zonergy has been building Asian biggest Solar power plant in Bahawalpur Pakistan with 900 Mw Electricity generation capacity

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