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Faisalabad Incident Videos – Full Details

Another instance of citizens taking the law into their own hands has gone viral on the Internet, causing widespread consternation. The so-called Faisalabad incident involves four women who were assaulted as a result of their involvement in the robbery.

Faisalabad Incident Videos - Full Details

According to the Tribune, one of the ladies filed an FIR claiming that she is a waste picker and that she entered the shop in order to get a glass of water. The shop owner, on the other hand, started yelling and accused them of entering his store with the goal of stealing.

A number of women have been reported to have been stripped down and assaulted before being paraded around the Faisalabad market.

The CCTV video available online, on the other hand, reveals that the ladies entered a store and that the shopkeeper attempted to seize one of them. The shopkeeper then attempted to barricade them inside while calling for law authorities.

However, when the ladies were able to escape, the men who had been summoned by the shopkeeper as backup snatched them from behind. One of the ladies tore her shirt in an effort ripped cause a commotion and get away from the situation.

This succeeded to a certain degree, as three of the ladies took advantage of the distraction to run away. The guys, on the other hand, clung to one of the ladies and beat her.

A second woman was brought back by the guys and two ladies were kept in the shop while the other two women undressed, struggled, and begged to be freed.

It’s not clear whether the lady was ordered to remove her clothes or if it was a prank to draw attention to the incident.

Although the ladies were convicted of theft, Netizens are furious that the women were battered by vigilantes. People pointed out that the shopkeeper should have contacted police enforcement instead of phoning enforcement.
As the CCTV tape does not show the ladies stealing anything, people assume that something more sinister is going on. Actually, the shopkeeper hastened to lock them in as soon as they arrived.

Suspects Saddam, the owner of Usman Electric Store, his employee Faisal, Zaheer Anwar, and the owner of a sanitary goods business have been charged with criminal conspiracy at the Millat Town police station. Sections 354 A-509-147-149 TP. have been used to charge these four guys.

Few celebrities also reacted to this sad incident.


In addition, the FIR names 10 unnamed suspects, all of whom have not been identified. What are your thoughts on this incident, share in the comments below.

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