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Rabya Kulsoom Mother did not want her to join Showbiz – Starlet Explains

Young and talented Pakistani actress Rabya Kulsoom has attracted the audience’s admiration and respect with her powerful performances. Faizan Sheikh’s sister Rabya is the offspring of famous Pakistani actress Parveen Akbar.

Rabya Kulsoom Mother did not want her to join Showbiz

Rabya Kulsoom

In a recent interview, Rabya Kulsoom said that her mother had disapproved of her intention to pursue a career in the show business.

“When she began working in this field, this was not regarded as a respectable occupation, especially for women. Rabya continued, “She feared I would face the same challenges she had throughout her career, but nothing of the kind occurred”.

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To elaborate, Rabya said, “My mother’s choice was entirely accurate when I declared my wish to enter showbiz at that time.” Currently, a lot of things have changed. The entertainment sector is attracting well-mannered and educated individuals, which has transformed the prior attitude unquestionably.

“I honoured my mother’s choice and never attempted to enter the entertainment industry again, but after getting married, my husband was the one who allowed me the freedom to pursue my interests. My hubby is encouraging,” Rabya said.

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