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Beaconhouse 15th School of Tomorrow Conference has come to an end successfully

Pakistan – Friday, 11th November, 2022: Beaconhouse, the country’s largest network of private educational institutions, has successfully concluded its 15th edition ‘School of Tomorrow’ (SOT) conferences, themed at ‘Guardians of the Future’.

The three-day conference brimmed with multiple insightful discussions with over 150 global and local thought leaders in education, healthcare, athletics, social and environmental development. Educationists, senior advisors, diplomats, policymakers, and experts from various fields came together to conclude this three-day event on a high note.

Beaconhouse 15th School of Tomorrow Conference has come to an end successfully

Focused on current and future educational standards, the opening session of the SOT conference featured a live discussion on ‘Setting Directions for the World of Tomorrow’ and its progress highlighted by CEO of Beaconhouse Group Kasim Kasuri, with the presence of Cynthia Guyer, Dr. John Siraj Blachford, Rashid Rana, and Namira Saleem.

Mr. Sean Covey, President of FranklinCovey Education and author of the acclaimed book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens’, talks to a group of teens about the timeless habits that help teenagers improve their self-image, build friendships, resist peer pressure, and achieve their goals. Furthermore, the discussion provided guidance for the next generation to not only realise their potential but also become efficient leaders of tomorrow.

A prominent panel discussion titled, ‘Setting a Stage for Tomorrow’s School’, The discussion addressed the changing role of education and the nature of schools over the next 30 years and beyond. A clear consensus pointed towards a rapidly globalising economy for which a new type of worker is required – one that can learn and adapt, keep pace with, and anticipate progress in every field.

Twenty-eight panel discussions were held, along with five workshops over three days. These talks revolved around creating a better future for generations to come, with improved educational structures, a focused approach towards safer climate, and the role parenting styles, media, and education play in developing a secure future.

Another session moderated by popular TV anchor Sidra Iqbal revolved around how economic, climate, and energy crisis have laid gross inequalities across the globe in terms of resource and income distribution. In addition, the link between climate change, global degradation of the natural world, and the outbreak of new viral illnesses have been highlighted.

This session features Faizan Siddiqui, Mr. Sikander Bizenjo, a development economist, and Dr. Masood Arshad, Director of Food, Water and Climate, WWF-Pakistan. They discussed strategies and approaches nations, especially developing ones like Pakistan, may adopt to cope with the crisis.

The 15th SOT conference included prominent leaders including Yousaf Kerai, Dr. Ger Graus, Dr. Sara Baker, Dr. Ishrat Hussain, Vaneeza Ahmed, Dr. Abdul Hameed, Wajahat Malik, Hira Yousafzai, Sanne Kanis and many more.

Speaking about the conference, Kasim Kasuri, Event Chair and CEO of Beaconhouse, said, “We are absolutely overwhelmed to have conducted our 15th edition of School of Tomorrow after six years in Lahore. The SOT conference was able to create awareness regarding the rights of children and young people while ensuring a safer and brighter tomorrow for their future guardians. The informative and interactive sessions were attended by wide range of students and young people that will help them build a better tomorrow for themselves and for generations to come. We aim to live by our agenda to enable and empower our children today to ensure an inclusive and peaceful tomorrow.”

The SOT was initiated by Beaconhouse as a series of events to support the institution’s quest to redefine education in Pakistan. The Beaconhouse Group holds a legacy of 47 years of educational expertise and currently has over 315,000 students enrolled full-time across more than 190 private school branches in eight countries. This year’s conference was sponsored by UBL.

About the Beaconhouse Group:
Beaconhouse traces its roots to the Les Anges Montessori Academy, founded in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1975. Now in its 47th year, the Beaconhouse network caters to the education and training needs of a large and diverse group of individuals of varying ages, backgrounds and nationalities, in Pakistan, Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Beaconhouse is a learning organisation that takes pride in its past while nurturing a culture of continuous professional development, self-reflection and reinvention.

About School of Tomorrow:
Beaconhouse initiated ‘School of Tomorrow’ as a series of events to support the organization’s efforts to redefine the education system in Pakistan. It believes in cherishing its history and promotes a culture of ongoing professional growth, introspection, and reinvention which is the motivation behind all SOT Events. The Beaconhouse Group has a 47-year history in the education sector and currently have over 315,000 full-time students in more than 190 private school branches across eight different countries.

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