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Top 5 Mobile Applications to Help You Improve Delivery Management

Setting up a business is half of the game as you get to know the real struggle when it comes to sales, delivery, and customer satisfaction. There is a general perception that running a business is easier when you have the required experience and finances. However, most aspiring businessmen realize it soon upon entering the field. It requires a great struggle to make a sale and ensure the product is delivered on time, to the right person, and safe and sound.

Top 5 Mobile Applications to Help You Improve Delivery Management

Delivery management is an integral part of a business whether it is online, offline or a hybrid kind of model. To achieve excellence in product delivery, you can rely on software solutions that can simplify matters and improve productivity. It can be web or desktop-based solutions, or mobile applications.

Modern-day is more inclined towards mobile technology because of its mobility and easy UI, therefore, we come up with recommendations accordingly. This post discusses some of the top 5 mobile applications that can help you improve delivery management.

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1. OnTrack
Managing deliveries of a business becomes difficult in the absence of a dedication application. OnTrack is an innovative application to help you manage deliveries with an array of features to track, report, and analyze team performance.

OnTrack is a custom-built platform that aims to facilitate businesses in challenges they face in delivery management software. Whether you are running a small or large business, or into food, transport, logistics, or any retail business, it can fit your needs. Its features that worth a mention here includes:
• Track the live location of vehicles and drivers
• Customize time slots to schedule deliveries
• Find areas you are serving the most
• Studying business insights from analytics provide
• Separate interface for admin, brand, and drivers
• Easy to integrate into any eCommerce store

2. Tookan
Tookan is a purpose-built mobile application to help businessmen manage their store deliveries. It aims to assist managers in looking after dispatch operations and quickly communicating with fleet managers and captains. The app believes to remove the communication gap between delivery drivers and their managers.

The app comes with a powerful dashboard that allows store users to track their orders live and get notified if an issue arises. With built-in analytics, it allows administrators to evaluate the performance of drivers and fleet managers.

A large-size business or enterprise can take advantage of this advanced delivery management application for scheduling tasks, assigning them to team members, and keeping a check on their performances. Its mobile app provides the functionality of finding agents and their availability and gets order details like their type, location, description, and delivery time. However, agents can leverage features like adding images and notes, scanning bar codes, and collecting soft signatures.

3. Onfleet
Onfleet is an advanced delivery management system that is equally suitable for small to medium and large-size enterprises. Besides its stand-alone web solution for the delivery manager, it has a mobile application available for both Android and iOS users. It can take images, scan signatures, or capture bar codes, allow automatic dispatching, optimize delivery routes, notify customers, and provide powerful analysis.

Furthermore, Onfleet comes with an API key to allow businesses easily integrate this amazing mobile application for delivery management alongside other solutions. It can work well with applications like inventor and warehouse management, order management, payroll interface, etc. The company is proud to power a great number of businesses across the globe, thus helping them manage millions of deliveries.

4. OnnaWay
OnnaWay is developed exclusively for courier companies to have a complete delivery management solution that is powered by cloud technology. Any courier company, small or large, can have the software to scale its operations. It offers a variety of features. To name a few, it allows driver tracking, route management, scheduling fleet movement, drafting invoices, a client-friendly portal, and notifications for different events.

With strong footprints in desktop solutions, OnnaWay does provide a mobile application for the ease of the users. It also projects map-based live locations of the drivers and permits order dispatches to the nearest drivers. The app empowers drivers to optimize their routes and make the most of their daily trips by collecting all the dispatches and delivering them if they fall on a similar route.

The mobile app does not ignore the consumers as they can log in to place orders, get dispatch updates, and know the whereabouts of their consignments. Admin can also access the portal to add new drivers and their profiles, assign roles, and allow permissions.

5. Bykea
A startup that initiated its operations as a mobile app for offering bike riders has now outgrown it as a delivery management solution. It has emerged into a mobile marketplace that allows businesses to avail of on-demand delivery solutions rather than keeping and maintaining a dedicated team or fleet for it.

Businesses in retail sectors like food, health care, grocery, and lots of others can take advantage of the facility. They can get their business and products listed in the app so that end users can easily browse the catalog and place orders. Additionally, if a brand or business is well-known to customers but not listed on the app, end users can still avail delivery service of Bykea by providing its name and pickup location.
• Mobile app available for Android and iOS users
• Track the live location of riders
• Dedicated shops section
• Shop categories
• Classified ads
• Cash on delivery service
• Payment management

Final words
Customers who place orders may never accept an apology if they are in the dire need of a product and it is delayed due to poor management on your side.
Gear up your staff by putting a reliable mobile application for delivery management in place to speed up the process, achieve customer satisfaction and retention, and expedite the sales of your business.

Take help from the names mentioned in this post so that you can communicate your business requirements, review the functionality they offer, and sign on terms better for both of you.


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