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‘Kana Yaari’ fame Hijabi Singer Eva B tied the Knot

In February 2022, Pakistan’s first Hijabi singer Eva B, who rose to fame with the Balochi song ‘Kana Yaari’ from Coke Studio Season 14, married a month after the engagement. Eva B quietly engaged singer and social media star Mudassar Qureshi in December 2022.

‘Kana Yaari’ fame Eva B tied the Knot

'Kana Yaari' fame Hijabi Singer Eva B tied the Knot

The singer did not write anything about the engagement in the caption of the social media post, although she shared pictures of the ring and the engagement cake. And now, after a month of employment, she married fellow singer Mudassar Qureshi, whose photos and videos she shared on Instagram.

Eva Bee shared pictures and videos of the wedding and thanked God in the caption. The singer also shared a video of her signing the nikahnama, in which her hands shake while signing. Apart from this, she also shared pictures in a red and white wedding dress and can be seen in a happy mood with her spouse Mudassar Qureshi.

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Artist Waqar Ahmed, who made Eva Bs makeup for her wedding, also shared videos of the singer’s bride’s look, in which she can be seen in a red Balochi traditional dress. The makeup artist also shared several videos of Eva B’s bride look, but she did not say clearly whether she got nikkafied or Rukhsati also happened.

'Kana Yaari' fame Hijabi Singer Eva B tied the Knot

Fans congratulated Eva B on becoming a bride, but at the same time, fans asked her in a humorous way why her hands were shaking at the time of signing the nikahnama. It should be noted that Eva B’s song ‘Kana Yaari’ from ‘Coke Studio Season 14’ was very much liked across the country, and she also became famous globally due to the same song.

However, Eva B had already started singing; she shared her first rapper song on Instagram three years ago in 2018, which was highly appreciated. Eva B not only started wearing her Baloch traditional dress at the beginning of her career, but she also started wearing a full hijab, which is why her popularity increased.

Her rap song was also included in the first Muslim superhero American web series ‘Miss Marvel’ released this year. While recording ‘Kana Yari’ in season 14, Eva B told Coke Studio that she did not know anything about ‘rapping’ music and singing at first. Still, when she heard American rapper Eminem for the first time, she became fond of writing such songs.

She said that now she has become so accustomed to the hijab that if the hijab is withdrawn from her, she will not be able to sing. The “Kana Yaari” singer said that she feels calm and safe in the hijab and enjoys rapping and singing simultaneously.

A lot of best wishes and congratulations to Eva B for a new start in life from DailyInfoTainment.


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