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Amar Khan Pays Tribute to Dramas Fifty Fifty and Sona Chandi as Writer

Renowned actress and accomplished writer Amar Khan is set to make her mark in the upcoming Ramadan drama, “Janjalpura,” as Heer Jatt. This is Amar Khan’s first venture as a writer and a lead actor, making it an eagerly anticipated drama.

Amar Khan Pays Tribute to Dramas Fifty Fifty and Sona Chandi as Writer

Amar Khan Pays Tribute to Popular 80s and 90s Dramas Fifty Fifty and Sona Chandi in Upcoming Ramadan Serial as Writer

Pakistan’s entertainment industry is excited as the news breaks that Amar Khan, one of the country’s most versatile and talented actors, is set to star in and write the upcoming drama Heer Jatt. The acting is produced by 7th Sky’s Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi and directed by Saima Waseem; the drama promises to be a visual treat for viewers this Ramadan.

In a recent interview, Amar Khan gave us a glimpse into her character, Heer Jatt, stating that she is more of a vibe than a character. Here is someone who dreams big and is not limited by her circumstances. She is an active tiktocker who brings her sensation and vibrancy to social media and is purely the character of a Punjabi Juttni with her audacity. When asked about the storyline, she couldn’t reveal too much. She said she draws inspiration from popular situational comedies from the 80s and 90s like Fifty Fifty, Sona Chandi, and Uncle Urfi for her upcoming drama. She intends to bring a mix of romance, conflicts, and engaging parodies with pop culture references that will cater to a broad audience.

Janjalpura promises to be a unique and engaging drama, with Amar Khan taking on the dual role of lead actor and writer, an impressive cast, and an exciting storyline. With Ramadan approaching, audiences eagerly await what Heer Jatt has in store.

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