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Before entering into TikTok World, I was a Teacher – Hareem Shah

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Pakistani TikToker harem Shah says she was a teacher before becoming a TikToker. During her recent interview, she said that if she is made the Prime Minister for a day, she will provide justice to everyone.

Hareem Shah was a Teacher before joining TikTok

Before entering into TikTok World, I was a Teacher - Hareem Shah

On social media, Hareem Shah has shared a clip of an interview given to digital media in which he discussed various topics.

On Sandal Khattak’s allegations regarding the viral video, Hareem Shah said that it is straightforward to accuse anyone, but it is equally difficult to prove the accusation.

Answering the question regarding her marriage, Hareem said that I am married, and it can be verified by NADRA or any institution in Pakistan.

Talking about her interests, she said that I got famous from Tik Tok, so I can be called Tiktoker. But if there were no Tik Tok, I would have been a teacher because before Tik Tok, I was teaching and history was my favorite subject.

In response to a question, Hareem said that if I were made the Prime Minister for one day, I would give justice to all without any difference.

Hareem Shah Video

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